Tania Larsson

Pre-order: Beaded Floral Earrings

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This is a pre-order option with an expected delivery date of November 20th, 2022. Each piece I make is unique as the material vary in colour, pattern and shape. The image is to give you an idea of what to expect but these one of kind earrings are made with some special and rare materials. 
These earrings are beaded on traditionally tanned moosehide using vintage and antique beads from Europe. This particular flower was based on my grandma's beadwork and interpreted in my own way. I used rare steel cut beads made before 1910 in France on the tips of each petal. The centre is a handmade sterling silver dome.
The earring is backed with smoked caribou hide. They are made with handmade sterling silver ear wire and sterling silver chain.
Each earring weighs around 6 grams for your comfort.
Size: 8-9 cm long and 4-5 cm wide.